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Huron Medical Centre at 1472 Huron Street in London, Ontario

Huron Medical Centre in 1472 Huron Street, Ontario: reviews, opening times, drive directions, photos, contacts etc.

Phone: +1 519-601-6640


1472 Huron Street,
London, Ontario
N5V 2E5
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Reviews about Huron Medical Centre

  • Here is my brief note to present my sincere thank you and gratefulness for all the client care support the staff offers at this walk-in clinic and adjacent pharmacy. Best wishes to them and their Loved Ones in 2020.
    by Rob Nelson
    December 23, 2019
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    I am absolutely disgusted with how they treated my girlfriend. She comes in with a chest infection having difficulty breathing had been waiting for an hour and they allowed other people in right away that just walked in the door.. she kindly asked if they had an appointment but because she had to "go to work" they pushed her ahead of everyone else that was there first. So when my girlfriend said she also had to be a work they refused to let her go any earlier and told her to either sit down or she can take her card back and go some place else. She was literally in tears because of this and them not taking into consideration that she is having difficulty breathing but instead more worried for those that need to "go into work".
    by Chaser Knowles
    November 10, 2017
  • I went in with my daughters. We had just recently moved to London and was having trouble getting to the doctor back in St Mary's for my youngest daughter's boosters. They were very understanding and let me know that I don't need to worry that they do them there and when my girls need them if I don't have a local doctor to just come back in. Which is a big relief to me :) They didn't get annoyed with my girls getting impatient in the waiting room and once in the room to get the booster they gave both my girl's a lollipop. :) Thank you for the wonderful service. Everyone was so nice to us.
    by Laurie R
    March 26, 2017
  • ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪
    It's just no way to treat an older person. I'll be a Year away from 60 come June... The other doctor was not working at this time... I cannot come back.. She gave Me A Requisition for One blood test and only two weeks worth of medication... She told Me I had to attend each specialist to receive My other Medications... It's running Me and She's capable of Killing Me... She only treats one problem at a time... Then I must Travel all the way back home... I'm running for Her... I'm not Her Slave! It's said She Goes Strictly By the book because that's just how She's trained... The serum for the Flu Shot were was not even in and persons were busy coming in complaining of flu symptoms... I walked right out and I took Myself in a taxi and saw to it I went to Shoppers for My flu shot.. . Older People can get very sick if they catch the Flu.. . I live inside a Seniors Building.. . I'm not to pass on any flu to an older person... She's never have to Me A Medication I needed right away... I've called Telehealth and got nowhere because the pain was over Me... I soaked in the tub and this doctor is capable of putting Me into the Hospital... Due to Her, I'm leaving the City of London and I'm going to a City to find services that are provided... This medical centre has really fallen down the drain... I can never return..... I just cannot survive being treated like this.... I'm not to ever return... I used to think the world of this Clinic and now everything depends on the doctor alone... The Secretary was rude to Me because I felt stressed Right out... I was just not the same and this is not like the former Secretary. I'm angry because I find a big lack of respect for the older patients... THIS IS NO WAY TO TREAT AN OLDER PERSON AND THESE PEOPLE NEED TO COMPREHEND THIS! IT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME... THE STAFF WITHOUT THE FLU SERUM CAN KILL A PERSON... THEY NEED TO KNOW .. I TRIED FOR MONTHS TO EARN A FAMILY DOCTOR THERE BUT NOBODY GOING ANYWHERE IN THIS PLACE... I'M ON A WAIT LIST FOR A DOCTOR AND I'M GETTING A NURSE PRACTITIONER TO PROVIDE ME A PRESCIPTION WITH REPEATS... THIS DOCTOR IS BUT MONEY HUNGRRY.. . MEDICINE HAS REALLY FALLEN... LONDON BRIDGE IS BUT FALLING DOWN! I'M ALREADY GONE! I'VE SPENT THIS WEEKEND IN AGONY JUST BECAUSE I WAS FORCED TO GO WITHOUT THE MEDICATION... I'M EXPECTED TO RUN TO MY SPECIALIST AND I'M TO LET GO OF HIM BECAUSE I UNDERSTAND HE IS GOING TO SEND ME RIGHT BACK TO HURON MEDICAL WHOM JUST MAKE LIFE MORE DIFFICULT... I HOPE THESE PEOPLE SMARTEN UP... LIFE IS TOO SHORT LIVING WITH THIS ABUSE... THIS IS A FORM OF ELDER ABUSE... I'M GONE PEOPLE... I'M NOT TO BE ABUSED... SO JUST STOP IT!!!!! SIGNED, THE TRUTH!
    by Joanne Schneider
    March 21, 2017
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Huron Medical Centre is located at 1472 Huron Street, London, Ontario.